What is Reiki for Animals?

Reiki is an alternative therapy that originated in Japan in the late 1800’s. It is non-invasive and creates balance so that healing can occur on all levels as determined by the body and mind of the animal.

Animals are very sensitive to energy and love receiving Reiki energy. You can perform effective Reiki sessions with animals using hands on methods or from a distance. This non-invasive therapy makes it ideal for working with all kinds of animals, from domestic pets to wildlife.

Reiki is a great way to encourage your furry friends to relax and help them release any less than helpful blocks whilst re-balancing the energy flow.

Some of the things it can help with is behavioural issues, anxiety and nervousness, bereavement, injury healing, relaxation and general well being.

– Sarah Gregory

What can happen to my Animal in a Reiki Session?

Energy flows through the body of an animal much like an electric current. However, a number of factors can interfere with this flow. Among them are physical injuries, trauma, dietary changes, emotional problems, training issues or a combination of these problems. Any blockage of energy can result in physical, psychological or behavioural problems

a few visible signs your animal is receiving Reiki are :

falling asleep
muscle twitches
licking of lips
lying down
they can get warmer
shine throughout their coat
bowel movements
signs of emotion

As i provide Reiki, it restores positive energy flow into the animal’s body, correcting imbalance. Animals are particularly sensitive and quickly pick up on the healing a practitioner offers through hands-on or even hands-off means.

I generally work ‘Hands Off’ which means just above the skin, i get feelings for hot spots which can either be Chakra areas or places that you may need to look in to further with professional help. In my experience if the animal wants to participate they animal will approach and embrace the experience.

Some animals with issues find this deeper connection unusual to begin with so the process of receiving Reiki can take a little longer or maybe a few sessions.

This healing system is safe and will never harm an animal. If an animal has experienced abuse or neglect, Reiki helps it to release emotional wounds. Treating pets with Reiki helps relax and calm them, making it easier for owners and trainers to handle them and resolve behavioural issues. A calmer animal means a calmer, happier owner.

Issues i have used Reiki for :

General Relaxation
Bereavement of a companion
Skin Disorders
Aggressive Behaviour
Gain Trust
Emotional Rebalancing
End of Life Care to provide comfort and relief from fear or pain
Quietening a young animals mind